By choosing a custom wardrobeproject you get a design tailored to your needs, in which we will use every inch!

There is never to much storage space! While you can’t enlarge the space, it is possible to use it in the most efficient way possible. Fortunately, you have come to the right place!

Project consists of:

  • two versions of the functional layout of the closet
  • color and material proposals
  • visualizations
  • technical documentation, on the basis of which you will be able to implement the project
  • ready offer requests to contractors

I run the project online.

We start with a meeting and analysis of your needs. Then I work on the layout of the closet, the choice of colors and materials. We discuss each stage together, you have the opportunity to make two rounds of changes.

Useful information

  • You can read about exactly how the design process looks like here.
  • Do you have questions before you buy? Call or write
  • Before purchase make sure to read the terms of service, which describes the rules of working on the project.

  • The presented design refers to the furniture development in the bedroom/room/ hallway/corridor – with a furniture length of about 150-300 cm.
  • Presented visualizations are for illustrative purposes only. Each project is tailored to individual customer needs.
  • The above price includes VAT.

Realization time

Working on a project is a complex process where we make sure that the wardrobe will be exactly what you need, so it is not worth rushing. With good communication, I can assure you that the project will be ready within 2-3 weeks.

Start of work

I will get back to you by email or phone within two business days after payment is posted to arrange a convenient schedule for you to work on the project.


The project is carried out entirely online. Meetings will be held through Google Meet.


Traditional transfer and PayPal payments are available.
PayPal also allows payment by debit or credit card without creating an account.

Project as a gift

Your relatives have been talking about a renovation for a long time, but somehow can’t get behind it? The wardrobe project will surely be a great first step to change!

If you are ordering the project as a gift in the comments to the order write to whom you plan to give it. I will send a personalized voucher to the email specified in the order within one day after the purchase.

Before the project starts

Before starting the project, please send me:

  • a floor plan of the room with the dimensions of the place where the wardrobe is going to be located
  • photos of the room