If you need help with the new functional layout of the apartment and installations, and you prefer to take care of the colors and materials yourself.

I run projects online.

What are you getting?


  • Design created based on analysis of your needs and inventory of the apartment, if it is possible to make it
  • Ergonomic and comfortable space
  • Technical drawings for contractors

How does the project work?


Design is a process in which we work together to find the best solutions for you. This process is divided into specific stages:




  • Identifying your needs and discussing your preferred style
  • Inventory of the apartment, if it is possible to do it


Functional layout


  • Two variants of the layout of room and location of main elements and equipment
  • The possibility of introducing two rounds of corrections to the the selected variant






Technical drawings


  • It is created based on the accepted functional layout
  • Technical drawings:
    • design of wall layout
    • electrical and lighting design
    • design of plumbing and central heating

How long does it take?

It takes approx. 1 month to design a 70-100 sqm apartment.


The time it takes to prepare a project depends on many factors: the type of investment, its square footage, the number of functional features, but also the standard of finish.

Working on a project is a complex process, in which we make sure that the interior will be exactly what you need.

It’s worth spending more time and attention on the project just to make sure that the result is as expected and the finishing work goes smoothly.


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