Online consultation

with an interior designer

For whom?

  • You want to maximize the use of space and make sure there is enough place for all your needs.
  • You are at the buying stage of an apartment and need advice on which one has more potential.
  • You handle the finishing of the apartment yourself and need some advice.
  • If you need some quick interior design advice.

What are you getting?


  • Online consultation with experienced architect Marta Osowiecka
  • Mail summary of the meeting
  • Discount on the interior design in the amount of the price of the chosen consultation

Examples of topics addressed at the consultation:


  • improving the functionality of the apartment/home
  • maximum efficient use of space ( e.g., looking for space for cabinets, which are never enough!)
  • ergonomics in kitchen and bathroom design
  • advice on the location of lighting points and electrical outlets – especially in matching household appliances, electronics
  • advice on the location of plumbing and central heating systems
  • the main principles in the matching of the style and colors of the interior


How long does a consultation take and cost?


  • 30 min consultation : 40 EUR (price includes VAT)
  • 60 min consultation : 66 EUR (price includes VAT)

  • The available payment method is PayPal, which also allows payment by credit card without registration.

How is the consultation carried out?


The consultation takes place via Google Meet. You will receive a link to the meeting in your booking confirmation.

On the day of the consultation, all you have to do is click on the link. You don’t need to install anything or log in anywhere – all you need is a laptop, tablet or phone, although I suggest larger screens so you can see the presentation better.

Before the consultation



In order to prepare for the consultation as well as possible I will need some information

After payment of your order, you will be transferred to a form where I will ask you to:

  • Describing in a few sentences what I can help you with:
  • Send photos, and preferably a floor plan of the apartment with basic dimensions.

Why is it worth it and what does the price come from?


  • The price of the consultation is not based on its duration, but on the knowledge that took years of study and practice to acquire, and which I am happy to share with you.
  • The consultation in my offer is a full-value product, not a way to get a client to sell him something. The consultation will give you a lot of valuable information, a package of design proposals, a summary of the meeting and a set of tips for doing the renovation yourself.
  • If, after consultation, you decide that you need extended cooperation, I guarantee that the price of paid consultations will be deducted from the price of the project.


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