About me

The simple projects are the most difficult to create. Especially the ones which when finished seem to have it all without needless complexity. It takes hours and hours of efforts and research to create a practical and minimalistic projects. I believe it is worth the effort though and I believe that those project will continue to amaze for the years to come.

The projects that interest me are the ones without needless decorations, the ones that form a subtle composition with simplicity and elegance.
I create DYNKS because I would like to share what I believe design should stand for. I would like to spark the discussion over what beauty means in today’s world.

I am an architect focused mainly on the project’s functionality. This is why the construction and materials are so vital to my designs. While designing I always think about the potential users first. I care about their needs and always take into consideration the possible ways in which my works can be used. I would love if you could give your own meaning to the items I create. This is my final goal – each purse to be different while remaining the same.

I decided to create limited series to be able to deal with each product individually. It means a lot to me if the items I produce stay with you for years. I hope this to become the reality.


DYNKS-MartaOsowiecka copy